Do What You Love And Love What You Do

Life is for LIVING not merely getting through each day as it comes. I often get used to living in the 'comfortable', not challenging myself, and end up putting off my dreams. This way of living is easy, it may seem nice for now but in 50yrs I don't want to look back on a boring life. I want to look back on a life full of adventures, mistakes made, lessons learnt. A life full of spontaneity, passion and joy.

The thing about pulling out of this safe bubble many of us live in is that we are afraid of getting hurt, having bad experiences and making mistakes. However a bad experience is only bad if you say it is. It's a mindset thing. Find the silver lining of every 'bad' thing that happens, one silver lining to start you off is that at least it's an EXPERIENCE. For every bad experience it's equally likely you will have a good one which wouldn't have happened if you had stayed in your safe bubble. So go out and do the things YOU love to do. Whether that be running a marathon, learning a new language, or travelling the world! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and really push yourself to achieve it.

Jessica BennettComment